When can I start?
Immediately on completion of the application, submitting of relevant documentation and payment of the application fee.
Will I lose my home?
No! Your bond will be included in the payment plan with a reduced installment.
Will I have to attend consultations or court?
No. Information can be provided electronically. We appear in court on your behalf.
What if I am married COP?
You legally share all assets as well as debts with your partner. Therefore, by law, both of you must go under debt review.
Will creditors still harass me for payments?
No, according to the National Credit Act your creditors must stop pursuing you once you have been placed under debt review. Although it takes time for creditors to update their information, should they contact you, refer them to your debt counselor.
Is my money safe?
Yes 100%. Your monthly payment will be collected electronically by a Payment Distribution Agency (PDA) accredited by the Nation Credit Regulator, who will distribute your money according to your debt restructuring plan. We do not handle any of your money!
When will I obtain credit worthiness again?
Once you have satisfied all your debt obligations, we will issue you with a Clearance Certificate and advice all Credit Bureaus, who will then remove your debt review status from their records after which you will be able to apply for credit again.
Will my debt review confidential?
Yes. Nobody except your creditors will know that you are under debt review.
What if I am unemployed?
In order to be placed under debt review, you have to have a monthly income that puts you in a position to make a reasonable offer to your Credit Providers. If you don’t receive any other income, like rental income or pension, debt review is not the solution for you. We will assist you with alternative solutions.
Do we offer consolidation loans?
Not at all. Our goal is to get our clients debt free. Further loan will definitely not solve your financial problems
What happens to current legal action against me?
We will negotiate with the attorneys to stop further action and to include the debt under your payment plan.