About Us



We started working as debt collectors. We worked closely with attorneys for the past 7 Years, during which time we gained valuable experience in the workings of the law with regard to debt.

During this time we experienced firsthand how many people struggle to pay their debts on time. It was heartbreaking to witness people working the whole month with more than one garnish order against their name, having no money to take home to their families which causes further debt stress.

We then decided to start Advanced Debt Rescue to assist people to live a debt free life, to restore their dignity and to help them make more informed decisions concerning their financial future.

We have qualified attorneys to assist you.

We are registered with the National Credit Regulator.

Advanced Debt Rescue is committed to find solutions for your problems!

To give you the best service you deserve by offering you the following:

  • We restructure your debt repayments
  • Repayments are calculated by ONLY considering the balance of your funds left after your personal expenses are payed
  • We negotiate lower interest rates
  • We negotiate longer payment periods
  • We secure your financial freedom